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EPON devices are more popular because it is easy to deploy and also less costs.  In the current Scenario of our networks, EPON is enough and no need to change it to GPON.


EPON is based on Ethernet technology  IEEE 802.3 ah. In EPON  both downstream and upstream line rates are 1.25 Gbps Its splitting Ratio is 1:64. In PON side the Data like video, Data, voice are only transferring as ETHERNET packets.

GPON is based on ITU standards;   ITU –t G.984. In GPON   both downstream and upstream line rates are 2.5Gbps and  1.25Gbps respectively and its splitting Ratio is 1:128.GPON converting the Ethernet packets to GEM frames.

In GPON the QoS (Quality of Service) is more effective because of using GEM/ATM for Data encapsulation and it gives higher priority to higher value traffic such as VoIP, it allows smart transmission resources allocation.  QoS (Quality of Service) very poor because Ethernet a higher bandwidth and efficiency in Ethernet transport are not sufficient to ensure high quality of voice and video and data delivery


Standard ITU-T G.984 IEEE 802.3ah
Data rate 2.5/1.24 Gbps 1.25/125Gbps
Split Ratio 1:128 1.:64
Data Encapsulation GEM/ATM ethernet
DBA Standard format Defined by vendors
OAM Powerfull Weak ,extended by vendors
Application mode Multi service /FTTx Pure data Service
Broadband Efficiency 92% 71%

In EPON all kind of service is forwarded as Ethernet packets in a single tunnel. So in high traffic situation can’t provide priority for preference services like VoIP and OTT

But GPON is separate tunneling solution and high preference services can provide first priority. That can assure  the quality of services (QoS) in a pon network


As a conclusion, the device selection for a network depends on the type of services and amount of traffic. EPON is suitable for even high speed internet services. But GPON  is suggesting for a network with high traffic value added service.


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