Terms & Conditions for buying LIMITED LICENSE OLT


Terms & Conditions for buying LIMITED LICENSE (LS) 4 PORT GPON OLT (V1600G0-LS) & 8 PORT GPON OLT (V1600G1-LS) 


Common Notes:  

1.Only NETLINK ONTs with Customized Firmware, stated as supportive for LS OLTs are HG323RGW, V2801SG, HG323DAC, HG326RG purchased from registered office will be compatible with the LS OLT.

2.Any other brands or products purchased from outside will not be compatible with OLT.


3.Once the OLT is purchased, Customer have to specify the OLT type to Sales Executive prior to the purchase of ONTs to make sure whether the ONTs are to be used for LS OLT. Then Customer shall follow the instructions given by Sales Executive.


4.Customized ONTs (LS ONTs) are only suitable for LS OLTs and the same shall not work with any other OLT even if it is of Netlink brand.


5.Normal ONTs purchased can be converted to LS ONTs by updating Customized Firmware. Firmware shall be provided to the customers and the customers shall update the concerned Firmware for their ONT model. Netlink shall not be held responsible if the customer update wrong Firmware. It is Customer’s responsibility to make sure to update the matching Firmware of their ONT model. In case of any doubt, customer can take Netlink Technical Support Executive online and He/She or may help you by taking Remote connection. 


6.We will not be charging any extra amount from the market price for the purchase of NETLINK ONTs.


T&C for unlocking the Limited License OLT

1.You need to pay an extra amount of not less than Rs. 12,711 plus GST to unlock V1600G0-LS (Limited License 4 Port Gpon OLT) & amount of not less than Rs. 24,500 plus GST to unlock V1600G1-LS (Limited License 8 Port Gpon OLT), in case if you want to unlock the LS OLT. Price may vary as per market conditions and Consumer is Liable to settle the outstanding variation amount (decrease or increase up to 15%) as per the market price at the time of unlocking the LS OLT.

2.By unlocking the purchased LS OLT (i.e by Firmware upgradation), all existing LS ONT’s (if any) working under the OLT need to be re-programmed (Software as well as Hardware Reset have to be done) and the same can be done only at the Registered office of Netlink ICT (P) Ltd.


3.Customer need to bear the “to & fro” courier charges for sending & taking back the ONTs, Service Charge of Rs. 50 per ONT for the Hardware Reset. Hardware Reset of 20 ONTs can be done on a daily basis. Netlink ICT Pvt Ltd will not be held responsible for the time delay and not answerable for any network issues occurring due to this.

4.Our customer support including online support is liable to Netlink brand devices only.

5.By connecting a third party ONT, Netlink ICT Pvt Ltd will not be held responsible for the network issues which may occur due to software bug or hardware issues of third party ONT.

6.For availing our customer support, customers may require to remove all the third party ONTs working under Netlink OLT if instructed by our support executive in order to prevent any unnecessary communication between the third party ONTs with Netlink brand OLT.

7.   Three years of Warranty will be provided (T & C as mentioned in our Official Website (www.netlinkict.com)) (Pls click on the link (WARRANTY/SALES POLICIES) available).

8.Netlink ICT Private Limited will not be responsible for any hardware issues arising due to third party device integration.



You are not supposed to Switch ON the LS OLT until you make sure to read, completely understand and agree to all the Terms & Conditions as mentioned above. You shall return the LS OLT, if you are not agreeing to the above stated terms, before Switching it ON. Once you Switched ON the LS OLT, it shall automatically be considered as You are agreeing to the T&Cs put forwarded by the Company for LS OLTs as mentioned above.